After devoting so much time and money to choosing the perfect wedding dress it can seem a shame not to be able to wear it again. If you want to pass your dress on to family members or even just keep it as a memory then it is important to store it properly. See our guide below: The first thing to do is get your dress cleaned by a specialist dry-cleaner. Even if it looks clean, chances are there are small stains which you cannot see, or perspiration marks which will darken over time. Secondly, do not hang your dress to store it. Remove any plastic coverings, which can cause chemicals to enter the fabric, and place into a specialist box, available from Hanging your dress will gradually alter the shape of the dress. Inside the box the dress should be wrapped in acid free white tissue which will cause it to crease less, and will help to prevent discolouration. Stuff the bodice and sleeves with tissue to retain shape. Keep the box in a cool, dry and dark place, such as a wardrobe or cupboard, and make sure not to store it along with other wedding wear such as jewellery, which may cause rust marks.