Another silly beauty trend then? Yes, alright, but this one's amazing for brides! While contouring is all about brown, muddy shadowing to make your cheeks look hollow, STROBING is about bringing angelic, glowy light to your skin. By highlighting certain areas of your face, such as the bridge of the nose, the orbital bone and the jawline, you can create a gentle radiance to the skin without the need for bronzer. The result? A super fresh, super healthy and super natural looking complexion.


Go on, show me then! Have a look at this Donna Karan catwalk example. Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury dabbed an extra layer of moisturiser over the orbital bones and down the centre of the nose for a glossy cellophane effect. On the runway it's great, but at your wedding it's best to use a tiny dot of greasy balm instead (such as Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream or Pomade Divine) that sits on top of your foundation and doesn't disrupt foundation. At other shows, makeup artists used powder, fluid or stick highlighters buffed with a blusher brush for an extra shot of lustre. Whether it's with a balm or a stick, the whole point is to bounce extra light off the high points of your face.


How can I do this with my existing products? Have a look at your eyeshadow palettes: if there's a frosty ivory or rose shade, swirl in a blusher brush and tap the excess away. In small, gentle circular motions, buff the powder along the orbital bones, and move up to the outer edges of your brow bone. Sweep across the bridge of the nose, then along your jawline. Don't be tempted to re-dip into your eyeshadow too often: the key to strobing is lightness and subtlety, and while you won't see as drastic a difference as with contouring, your skin will glow effortlessly when the sunlight hits it.


What should I buy to achieve the look? Because you'll presumably be strobing over foundation on your wedding day, invest in a good soft blusher brush (head to MAC or Real Technique) to blend your highlighter gently onto your skin without smudging your base. As for the highlighter, MAC's classic Strobe Cream is fantastic because it's pearly, not glittery, while Revlon Photoready SkinLights in Bare is a more affordable option. Put a few drops on the back of your hand and get swirling with your brush. Alternatively, if you prefer the simplicity of a powder, Nars Highlighter Blush in Satellite of Love is stunning. If you're feeling particularly arty and creative, you'll love Laura Mercier's Candleglow Luminizing Palette (£45; out in September at It has radiance powders for the eye sockets and cheeks in different shades and textures for totally 3D skin.

Ready, set, glow!