Weddings and Champagne are eternally entwined - it's impossible to celebrate without that delicious 'pop' as a cork bursts from a perfectly chilled bottle, and a fragrant mist of Champagne smokes over the newly uncovered bottle head. Personally I think champagne should be quaffed as often as possible, but most certainly in the run up to a rather stress-inducing wedding. In fact so justifiable is the cause of celebration that I think it calls for a rather special bottle, and there are few more prized than the elusive Oenothèque. This Champagne is quite simply spectacular, and is naturally one of Dom Pérignon's collections. Richard Geoffroy is the 'Chef de Cave' there and his ability to conjure up exquisite vintages is uncanny; Oenothèque being one of his most elaborate creations and designed to 'defy time'. Wine, as I'm sure you know, goes through stages of ageing. Each stage is known as a Plénitude, but from each vintage Richard holds back a small selection of bottles for a minimum of thirteen years, and this further ageing results in a new peak of intensity and a stunning richness of flavour. It is these bottles which make up the Oenothèque Collection. For couples intrigued by this delicious and rather wickedly decadent fizz, The Chester Grosvenor, the internationally-acclaimed, five-star hotel has teamed up to offer anyone ordering a bottle a complimentary guest room or suite to enhance the experience. The hotel itself is perfectly situated in the heart of Chester and has 80 design-led rooms in addition to the Michelin-starred Simon Radley at The Chester Grosvenor restaurant and a luxury spa. Your room will be dependent on the Champagne purchased, so for a 1995 release (£500) guests will receive a stay in an Executive room, a 1976 (£800) or a 1964 (£975) release would mean a stay in a luxurious Junior Suite, and for the 1975 (£1,900) and 1971 (£2,100) a Master Suite awaits. Exclusive, boxed Dom Pérignon branded glasses and a silver, branded cork-shaped box will also be included (except with the 1995 release) as an elegant reminder of what could only be a very memorable night. Please call 01244 324 024 to make your reservation