Making your wedding budget go further has never been more important - so make sure you get the most from your suppliers. Marie Haverly at Isabella Weddings ( offers her top tips: 1. Get a range of quotes, compare them and be honest with each of them. Ask your venue who they would recommend but don't feel obliged to use them - their recommended suppliers may not always be the most cost-effective. 2. When enquiring about prices, say you are having an 'event' rather than a wedding - prices can vary for wedding bookings. 3. Haggle! Don't be afraid to challenge prices on things like catering and room hire. The exception is for the talented one-person business; that cake decorator who'll spend weeks designing your special cake from her own kitchen won't appreciate a challenge! 4. Enquire about discounts for off-season dates, Sundays or large weddings; or ask if there are cheaper versions for your requirements, for example, in-season flowers cost less than rare, overseas orders. 5. Book early - it goes without saying that getting in there first will help secure a good price - and ask for this year's prices for a wedding the following year. Or book late - it's a scary option but suppliers are grateful for last-minute bookings and will probably offer good rates. 6. Use as few suppliers as possible. If your marquee company can provide chairs, linen, the dance floor etc, then this will probably save you money in the long run. The misconception is that you can get cheaper deals by shopping around, but in theory you should save by consolidating. 7. Check references, get a contract and check they are insured! 8. Build a good relationship with all your suppliers - they are more likely to offer little extras and look after you. Ask their advice and pass on referrals if you like them.