Completely un-beauty related, but I couldn't resist.

My childhood was defined by Sylvanian Families. Every fortnight my mum and I would walk to Gordon's, the local toyshop in Barnes, so I could pick one new item for my collection. Whatever was new, I had to have; from the elegant grandfather clock to mini croissants for my bakery, a palomino pony for my stable or a baby racoon with his own milk bottle and blue babygrow. My best friend Katie and I used to build entire villages in our bedrooms and spend hours delicately arranging tiny doughnuts on plates, decorating the gypsy caravan and filling the tree-house with my big sister's C&A jewellery. My Sylvanian Families were deeply precious to me and a magical creative outlet (before I discovered boys and cheap rosé). Every item is still in my parents' loft room, but I'm afraid they might now have to squeeze a new set into the box. For there's a new Family in town and they're here to party. The Sylvanian Wedding Set is by far the funniest and most ridiculous tenuous off-shoot of the Royal Wedding marketing machine but I've fallen hook, line and sinker. Even the accompanying press release is bonkers: "With weddings very much the flavour of the year, Sylvanian Families is launching the fabulous Sylvanian Wedding Set complete with William Balmoral (groom) and his beautiful bride Catherine. This shining couple will exchange their vows in front of the Reverent Kelvin Waters, surrounded by the gorgeous bridesmaids Amelia and Louise and cheeky little page boy James." Love. Love. Love. If I was 12 I would have begged my mum for the whole set. And if was planning my wedding this year, of all years, I'd have had these on top of my wedding cake or dotted around the top table as a tongue-in-cheek nod to Kate & Wills. The set arrive in stores nationwide in April (we'll keep you posted via our page) and costs £24.99. Something tells me the Brides' beauty desk might get a royal visit soon.