Karaoke and cocktails are a match made in hen-do heaven. There's nothing better than a good girlie warble (who cares if you can't sing?). If you're feeling flush, then go for the blow-the-budget Lucky Voice Pop-up Party, where the karaoke bar comes to you - along with a a sound system, an audiovisual kit, two microphones and a bartender who will serve 100 cocktails (from £2,300; less without the drinks). You don't have to spend anything like that much: you can hire a room at Lucky Voice (which has venues in London, Manchester, Cardiff and Brighton) from £20 an hour for four people. In fact, you can have your perfect karaoke night - and it needn't cost you a thing. Lucky Voice Home (luckyvoice.com/home) lets you create playlists of all your favourite tunes and stream them to your computer. There are thousands of songs to choose from and it's totally free. Since the songs are gratis, you could always add a professional touch with the Lucky Voice Party Box (£49.95 from luckyvoice.com), which contains a mixer and a neon pink mic. But if you want to really bling it up, get your hands on a flashy new limited-edition gold mic (£39.95 or £69.95 as part of the Party Box; available from Selfridges).