Jade Beer's debut novel The Almost Wife

The Almost Wife Is Here!

‘I loved every single minute of it’
‘An emotional journey filled with tears of happiness and sadness’
‘Very cleverly written. I would definitely recommend this book! It’s a perfect summer read – in fact, a perfect anytime read!’
'OMG, I cried on the tube!’  
‘A fun, glamorous story that sparkles with insider detail.’
‘I laughed like a bridesmaid on a hen night, I cried like the mother of the bride. A book to restore your faith in love.’

There is nothing more thrilling than hearing what your first readers think of your debut novel! The Almost Wife took me well over a year to write and seven years to research – since day one in the editor’s seat at Brides magazine.

Creating the characters of Jessie, Dolly, Emily and Helen has been one of the most rewarding achievements of my career and to know that you are now getting to know and love them yourselves is wonderful. After all, you inspired them!

I set out to create four women who are all very different to each other but who share a common thread of insecurity and self-doubt – something we can probably all relate to. Deciding which of my three engaged women would make it up the aisle and finally marry was hard and I wanted to keep you guessing until the end. The outcome for the other women is celebratory and sad in equal measure and I must confess I cried many tears myself while writing it. All my own feelings and emotions about being a mother, daughter, wife and sister are wrapped up in every page of this book and I hope you will find echoes of yourself in its chapters too.

Joining the women are a supporting cast of characters I hope you'll adore, including a royal photographer who refuses to shoot ugly people, a planning-obsessed father-of-the-bride and a family-phobic groom who wants sex, not love.

So, a huge thank you to every bride-to-be who ever bought Brides magazine or came to say hello at one of our events. Your stories, worries, victories and hilarious anecdotes have made The Almost Wife what it is – a bittersweet look at the challenges facing some women whose day-to-day lives don't stop the second a diamond slides down their finger.

The Almost Wife is now available to buy on Amazon.