The Almost Wife Is A Must Read For All Brides-To-Be

08 Apr 2018

Three women, three exquisite gowns, three big days all set... but only two will make it up the aisle, and only one will marry. Follow the fortunes of Dolly, Jessie and Emily as they plan their very different wedding days, one hot summer in the Cotswolds. Perfect strangers at the beginning of the story, their paths will be intertwined through Helen, the owner of the most exquisite bridal boutique on earth - a woman with her own painful secrets to hide.

And as their stories collide, you'll see the decisions they make and the devastating consequences that you'll never predict. Because despite the diamonds, David Austin roses, the towering wedding cakes and all that tulle, sometimes life has a habit of getting in the way. And sometimes, love just isn't enough.

Joining the women are a supporting cast of characters you'll adore. A royal photographer who refuses to shoot ugly people, a planning-obsessed father-of-the-bride and a family-phobic groom who wants sex, not love.

'I laughed like a bridesmaid on a hen do, I cried like a mother of the bride,' says best-selling novelists Erin Kelly. 'It's a book to restore your faith in love.'

'Thank you to every bride-to-be who ever bought Brides Magazine or came to say hello at one of our events,' says Jade Beer, editor of Conde Nast Brides and author of The Almost Wife.

'Your stories, worries, victories and hilarious anecdotes have made The Almost Wife what it is - a bittersweet look at the challenges facing some women whose day-to-day lives don't stop the second a diamond slides down their finger.'

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