The Best DIY Wedding Favour Youtube Tutorials

Whether you're wanting to cut down on costs or add a really personal touch to your big day, making your own wedding favours has never been simpler with these brilliant Youtube tutorials.

28 Jun 2018

Wedding favours are a tricky business, and, if you're expecting a lot of guests, it can be an expensive one too. You can’t go far wrong with anything edible, whether that's baked goods, sweets or alcohol. From the very basic to the more challenging, Youtube is home to many a wedding favour tutorial, and we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites...

How To: DIY Potted Succulents by Girl with a Schnauzer

Teeny tiny potted succulents are given an extra special twist with gold leaf-embellished pots. Tie tags onto them and they’ll double as placeholders, plus they’re dinky enough for guests to easily take them home. Youtuber Nina demonstrates how to decorate the little pots, with gold leaf paper, adhesive and sealer spray, as well as added escort card flags.
Skill level: Beginners
Top tip: Look to plant nurseries and flower markets for cut price succulents. You can find wholesale stockists on Etsy.

How To: Floral Biscuits by My Little Bakery

My Little Bakery makes intricate biscuit decoration look deceptively easy. However, we reckon with a bit of practice and a steady hand these elaborate-looking heart-shape biscuits are definitely doable, even for amateurs. Bring them out for your wedding guests to enjoy with a cup of coffee, post-dinner.
Skill level: Advanced
Top tip: Invest in an assortment of piping bag nozzles and allow plenty of time!

How To: Japanese-style Fans by eHow

If you’re having a destination wedding somewhere hot, providing guests with handheld fans is a thoughtful touch. Making said fans yourself is surprisingly straightforward, as eHow demonstrates. Handily there's a downloadable template, along with a thorough list of everything you'll need. The fun bit? Sourcing whatever wrapping paper matches your wedding theme.
Skill level: Advanced
Top tip: Basswood strips are much easier to find than traditional bamboo.

How To: Rhubarb Schnapps by Bride de Force

A seasonal spirit (or non alcoholic alternative) is a wedding favour your guests are sure to enjoy. Blackberry cordial in Autumn, spiced gin in Winter – the possibilities are endless. Bride De Force shows viewers how to make a pretty pink rhubarb Schnapps, which is ideal for gifting guests at outdoor Summer weddings.
Skill level: Beginners
Top tip: Remember to sterilize all bottles in the dishwasher before filing.

How To: Floral Garden Wedding Seed Packets by Brideas

If flowers have featured particularly prominently on your big day, an appropriate and pocket-friendly favor might be a packet of seedlings. Choose a variety your guests might realistically use, like a seasonal herb, and provide a little accompanying plant pot. Designing labels for your seedling packets is a quick and easy way of personalizing this wedding favor.
Skill level: Beginners
Top tip: Include some planting instructions on the back of each packet.