On Marrying Abroad:

"Marrying on a private island meant we had to factor in the logistics of getting items - and people - to a private island. We chartered a plane for the bridal party and immediate family, and we had our table and chairs built at the venue, as transporting them was so expensive." - Catilin Bond

"Do as the locals do and you'll nail it! Why go all the way to France and then ask for something totally un-French, such as sushi (apparently people do!)? - Jade Sprowson

"Consider having your legal ceremony at home and having a blessing abroad instead. To avoid any legal issues, we actually married 'for real' in Amsterdam three months after our Italian 'wedding' - it took so much stress out of everything." - Geraldine van Osteeg

Petar Jurica

"When planning a destination wedding, make sure you tally up potential costs. And be aware that local suppliers can work differently from those at home." - Hend Krichen

"Help your guests 'acclimatise' to your chosen country before the big day: we made welcome packs and organised tapas and a flamenco show accompanied by local sherry." - Marisa McGarry

On Marrying At Home:

"If you're hosting at home, you don't have an army of venue staff to attend to your guests. So if your priority is to spend time with them, or you're worried about leaving them unentertained, ask your photographer to take reportage-style shots as you mingle, rather than separating everybody for individual pictures." - Rachel Smoker

"If your family want to get involved in the planning process, let them. I loved hosting our more relaxed wedding brunch at the in-laws' house" - Alexandra Edwards

Manu Mendoza

"Even marrying at home, the little extras such as confetti, gifts and pamper boxes in the powder room added up, so make sure you budget for them." - Tiffany Rushton

On The Planning Process:

Harpreet Garcha

"Make sure you listen to people's advice. Doing this throughout the planning process meant nothing eluded us." - Dalvinder Mutto

"Once you have made a decision on something, stick to it. Sometimes, the longer you have to plan, the more confusing it can become." - Caroline Robinson

Catherine Mead

"Trust your gut. If you're not sure about a detail or supplier, continue looking. You don't have to decide immediately." - Sian Morgan Jones

On Your Suppliers:

"Don't try to do everything yourself (like I did!). Paying a little extra for help, such as with producing the stationery, saves stress in the long run." - Rana Haddad

Voyteck Photography

"Finding a venue with fantastic service will help you immensely on the day." - Hui Xe

"If you're thinking of forgoing a videographer - don't! Watching my video has stopped me from getting bridal blues." - Danielle Fox

"If you can, get an on-the-day coordinator. You want to fully enjoy the big day without logistical distractions." - Elise Boroian

"Our venue was a working farm that breeds sheep and cattle. From the moment we saw it, we knew we wanted to marry there... But old farm kitchens can be small, so pick caterers who have worked at your venue before." - Kelsey Morgan Jones

Jeff Langhorne

"If there is something that you want for your special day but are struggling to find it, don't be afraid to ask. Most suppliers are open to suggestion - and happy to accommodate special requests for less expense than you might expect." - Sarah Lawton

"Invest in a photographer who understands your vision and vibe. It's worth spending a bit extra as these are memories you will keep forever." - Sophie Louise Williams

On Breaking Traditions:

"If you want to make a speech, do it! For me, it was important that one of 'the gals' got to speak in the midst of three male speeches. I was so nervous but, in the end, it was one of my favourite moments." - Amy Holt

"My wife and I both had 'bridesmen', mainly because our closest friends are guys. Our friends John and Clive had a best man and a best woman at their wedding, too. There's no 'normal'!" - Lotte Jeffs

On Handling Imperfections:

"Little hiccups on the day can be a good thing - our officiant had terrible feedback on her microphone at the start of the ceremony, but it ended up breaking the ice and making everyone laugh." - Luciana Bellini

Alan Law

"You can't guarantee the British weather, so make sure you have great lighting. We hired a specialist company and it made all the difference - they turned the venue into a winter wonderland." - Annie Budgen

On Saving Money:

"You can save a lot of money by doing a little DIY - just so long as you don't mind getting burnt by the glue gun!" - Naomi Rowland

"Get lots of your friends involved. It made the process so much fun - and it's free labour!" - Rosie O'Brien

"Trying to keep the guest list to a minimum is difficult - it's tough telling some people they can't bring their partners. But it's better to be cut-throat rather than seeing random faces staring back at you." - Victoria Albamese

Ria Mishaal