After the bride has walked down the aisle in front of everyone she knows she can relax; from then on the day holds only Champagne, the cutting of the cake and a reception with her new husband, friends and family. For the groom though, the big groom speech awaits.

Many men find themselves feeling completely clueless as to what to say, so here is our groom's guide to the perfect speech:

• A good way to open is to thank your guests, friends and family for attending your special day. You may want to give special thanks to those who have travelled a long distance to be with you.

• Thank your parents for their support and love. If they are still married you may choose to praise their own relationship and refer to it as a template for your own.

• Next thank the bride's parents. Since the bride's father will have just proposed a toast to you and your wife you can thank him for this, before going on to thank him for allowing you to marry his daughter.

• This will naturally lead you to praising the bride. Perhaps speak of how you met, or what it is that you love about her, and point out how beautiful she looks.

• Thank your best man and groomsmen before finally thanking the bridesmaids, for whom you will propose a toast.