The Latest Non-invasive Tweakments To Know About

From hyaluronic acid to AHA's, keeping up with the latest beauty revolution is no mean feat. Whether it promises to give us the skin of an A-lister or a lit-from-within glow that renders our favourite highlighter redundant, we're up front and centre with our cotton pads at the ready.

03 Jul 2018

The latest movement to take the cosmetic world by storm takes beauty technology to a whole new level. Promising to filter flaws, boost our best bits and nix any niggles, the non-surgical treatment, or 'tweakment' as it's been dubbed, have become as common as a lunch hour teeth clean. As plastic surgery figures plummeted by 40% in 2017, non-invasive procedures are on the rise and these five are sure to blow your mind.

The profile perfecter

Dr Ayad is best known for pioneering the non-surgical nose job (yes, really). His 3-point treatment includes small injections of hyaluronic acid (a 'moisturiser' found naturally in our body) to smooth out bumps and refine your profile. Dubbed the 'lunch hour nose job' thanks to its minimal side effects, it's ideal for those who are looking for a subtle tweaking without drastically changing their appearance.

“The 3-point non-surgical nose correction is an extremely popular treatment,” Dr Ayed explains. “Whether it's a prominent bump or drooping tip or an irregular shadow, these concerns are usually minor but can be a bugbear to the bride-to-be, and are easily fixed.” From £575,

The smile enhancer

Hailed as the Kylie Jenner effect, pillow-soft lips have become a phenomenon for modern-day influencers and our favourite celebs. But gone are the days of the infamous bee-stung lips (thank God!) as Eudelos' game-changing Lip Smoothie treatment is a softer way to plump your pout.

By injecting a bio-revitalisation product, such as Restylane Vital or Vital Light, with a non-traumatising needle, the formula boosts hydration and gives lips a fuller, rounder appearance. Dermatologist and Eudelo founder, Dr Stefanie Williams, believes subtlety is key. “At Eudelo we always ensure there is zero risk of the dreaded trout pout as our ethos is to never leave clients looking ‘overdone’, results are natural and artistic - no one need ever know!,” she says. Price on request,

The skin booster

Whether it's sleepless nights over the seating plan or stressful days slaving over the budget, wedding planning can take its toll on your skin at the worst possible time. Enter dermatologist Debbie Thomas' revolutionary NanoPore Blur treatment that refines the texture of your complexion.

By creating tiny 'traumas' to the skin, our collagen production goes into overdrive to repair it and leaves us with a naturally youthful glow. “The NanoPore Blur boosts skin health, improves texture and helps to brighten the skin,” says Debbie. “But be aware, you need 3 to 6 treatments for best results, so it is best to start treatments 2 to 3 months before your wedding day. There is some recovery time with the Nano Pore Blur, so you do need to plan it well.” Prices start from £210,

The glow-getter

In theory, eight hours slumber and a life of positive vibes is all we need for a well-rested visage. But if a good night's kip is a distant memory and your make-up bag is littered with empty Touche Eclat's, mesotherapy could be just what the doctor ordered.

Dr Frances Prenna-Jones has hypo charged the traditional treatment of injecting a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants into the skin with a 'meso gun' by adding hyaluronic acid into the mix to delve deep into the dermis of the skin where moisture is lost. The result? A naturally dewy complexion that lasts weeks. Deep Meso treatment, from £335,

The finishing touch

Ever wish you could tell your 15-year-old self to step away from the tweezers and leave well alone? We feel your pain. But if Delevingne-worthy brows are your beauty goal, microblading may be for you.

The words 'permanent make-up' may be enough to make anyone clasp on to their eyebrow pencil with all their might but celeb microblader, Karen Betts is a woman to trust. By analysing your face shape and features she may have a brow vision that challenges your norm but the overall result is mind blowing. Creating tiny hair-like brushstrokes with a fine tattoo needle, she can fill in and thicken out any sparse patches and give a more defined brow shape. Microblading eyebrow treatment £895 (consultation and treatment plus follow-up for retouching), with top-ups after 12 to 18 months at £395,