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The Most Common Love Languages for Women and Men, According to Hinge

And the self-reported love language that will get you the most likes on the dating app.

03 Jan 2019

Have you taken the five love languages quiz yet? (Here's the official one) If so, you can probably recite yours and your partner's by heart, since understanding the way you and your significant other best receive and communicate love is super helpful with the whole "maintaining a successful relationship" thing most of us are going for here.

For the uninitiated, the concept of the five love lingos comes from a book published in 1995 by Gary Chapman, which breaks the languages down as follows:

  • Receiving gifts
  • Quality time
  • Words of affirmation
  • Acts of service
  • Physical touch

You can see how couples who have different primary love languages by nature might have to be extra conscientious when choosing how to express their affection to each other. For example, if you're a quality time gal/guy sitting together for a Netflix night on the couch might make you feel adored. But, if your partner's preferred love language is words of affirmation, you'll want to use the commercial breaks to tell him/her how just how special this time and your relationship is to you — the contentment you feel from just sharing a physical space won't be enough for a WoA-er.

Since love languages are so conceivably beneficial for sustaining relationships, the people over at the dating app Hingewondered if they might also help start a few romances. So it rolled out a new love language prompt, and then collected some fascinating findings.

Apparently, the most common love language by far is "quality time," selected over two times as often as the runner-up "words of affirmation." And while "words" ranked second for both men and women, "physical touch" actually tied for that number two spot in the case of men.

But here's an insider's secret, for those interested in women: Listing "quality time" as your love language when prompted will receive an average of 1.8 times as many "likes" than any other. And for those interested in men, perhaps somewhat regressively, guys prefer the answer of "acts of service," which gets about 6.6 times more "likes" than others.

But answering anything is better than nothing! Overall, women who answered the love language prompt received about 5 times more “likes” than women who didn’t. We guess if communication is key, a willingness to learn and speak each other's language would be pretty important.

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