The New Fashion Rules For Brides According To In The Frow

From her wedding dress, to her shoes, bridesmaids styling and her beauty regime, here Victoria Magrath, AKA engaged superblogger In The Frow, shares all her tips and tricks for masterminding the most stylish day of your life.

12 Dec 2018

Beyond the wedding dress, what are you most excited about buying for your wedding day and where will you be looking for it?

I think it has to be all of my accessories actually. I’m a firm believer that your accessories can really make an outfit and the idea of shopping for special pieces is unbelievably exciting. My shoes will of course be hugely important but until the dress decision is made, those are on the back burner. I have however been looking at a few of my favourite brands in the meantime such as Sophia Webster, Jimmy Choo and Gianvito Rossi, because I know they always have beautiful styles as well as being incredibly comfortable.

How important is it to you to wear what you buy for your wedding again?

When it comes to my accessories I think it’s really important. I would absolutely love to be able to wear my bridal jewellery for future special occasions and perhaps even pass it down to my daughter if I’m so lucky and similarly with my shoes. I would absolutely love to wear my bridal shoes again and would adore telling people, if they asked about them, how and why they’re so special to me.

How are you going to balance comfort versus style?

Heels are definitely at the top of my list for ensuring I’m comfortable on the big day and I’ll be ensuring I choose a brand that I know feels great as well as looks great. As for my dress, this is something I’m really going to work on with whichever designer I choose to create my dream dress - the fit will be so important. I want to ensure that I feel chic and in turn relaxed with the style I choose. I imagine there would be nothing worse than wearing a dress that is not quite fitted right on your wedding day.

What top 5 dress designers are on your radar - for you and your bridesmaids?

I would probably say for the dress, designers such as Phillipa Lepley, Suzanne Neville, Stewart Parvin, Oscar De La Renta and Caroline Castigliano. For bridesmaids dresses, honestly I haven’t quite gotten that far, but I’ll definitely be looking at Coast and similar brands as they always have something gorgeous.

What are your best tips for honeymoon wardrobe packing?

I travel so often that I have packing down to a tee now, no matter where the destination may be. My top tips would be to always make a detailed list, pack outfits and not just pieces, rethink how many pairs of shoes you really need (it’s always less than you think) and utilise your carry on for things like your handbags and outerwear.

Have you thought about the order in which you'll buy things - how will that work? How are you prioritising?

I started to make a plan quite soon after our engagement, as Alex and I have always chatted about our day even years before it became a reality. The first priority was always to find a venue and that’s still in the process right now, but I have also decided it’s well worth hiring a wedding planner to help us along and take the weight off our shoulders, especially closer to the big day. And so I’m working with the wonderful Annabel from Profirst as my wedding day planners and I couldn’t be happier. Right now however, I have a rather detailed checklist and handy excel sheet that I’m starting to use to make notes on things like the guest list, floral needs, possible food choices etc.

What will dictate your look the most? The season, the venue or your dress?

I think it will definitely be my dress that will dictate my look the most. Without giving away any secrets, I’ve fallen in love with a particular style that I know would suit any venue or season, but most importantly is very ‘me’ and that’s what will dictate my look for our day. But aside from that, the venue will have a huge impact, as that will also probably influence the flower choices too.

What's the best way for a wedding guest to approach their look for the wedding day?

I think for any wedding guest it’s important to do a little bit of research and take into account the wonderful couple who have invited you to share their day with them. If the invitations were beautiful and rustic, and the wedding is being held in a converted barn, I imagine a full length evening dress wouldn’t be appropriate. Similarly I would always try to check what colour the bridesmaids are wearing, just on the off chance you accidentally blend in with the wedding party a little too much. And if in doubt, ask the bride for help, she’ll be more than happy to make sure you feel comfortable on their big day I’m sure.

What do you think some of the biggest mistakes brides (or anyone) can make when it comes to shopping?

I know the rule that I am trying to follow is not to make any hasty decisions. I’ve seen lots of things I love such as bridesmaid dresses, heels, florists etc. But I don’t want to make the mistake of making decisions on things too soon. It’s very easy to get excited about the process and also wanting to be as organised as possible but I think sometimes making decisions too soon might be worse than not making them at all!

What single thing do you imagine you'll invest more in and why?

For our day I think our investment will come when we choose our photographers and videographers. It’s so important to me that we capture this huge day in our lives so that in years to come we can share our memories with friends, family and our future children. Friends of ours who have already married invested in both the imagery and filming their day and it’s one piece of advice we’ve definitely listened to.

The New Fashion Rules by Victoria Magrath

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