Adorability factor? High. Cost concerns? Low. Welcome to one of the cutest, most affordable mini-moons about. The best part? We bet you've never heard of it.

Admittedly, The Oak House is quite a struggle to find (tip: you're going the right way even when it feels wrong), but once you manage to get your car around the gravity-defying hairpin bend, it's worth every spat it took to get there. This cabin has been tenderly constructed in part to allow others to enjoy heart-soaring views of the Severn Bridge from their hillside.

There's no TV here, but then you won't need it with a vista like this. The house is a true marvel in recycling - the roof's made from reclaimed Cornish slate, the bathroom doors are from India, and even the floor has been created using refurbished scaffolding planks. But it all comes together, with a decadent feel.

Perhaps it's the contemporary kitchen and power shower, or the personal touches such as a hot water bottle in your bed, and supplies of fresh organic eggs, homemade muesli, jams and even a spot of gin. Lovely.


WOW FACTOR: It's set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but if you do fancy leaving at all, the Cotswold Way is just over the hill and ideal for pubs.

Go: Canopy & Stars ( offers stays from £110 per night.