Winning The Perfect Wedding Dress

15 Sep 2014

Brides The Show
London Olympia, London
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It was at the Spring Edition of Brides The Show last March that we revealed the Perfect Wedding Dress (according to men) as brought to life by the talented bridal designer Ian Stuart. Fast-forward a few months and we can finally reveal the lucky winner of said gorgeous gown…

Emily Farley was among the thousands of brides-to-be to enter our competition, and our lucky winner. We spoke to her about winning her dream dress, meeting Ian Stuart and the reception that gorgeous gown received on ther big day…


When you entered the competition to win the perfect wedding dress according to men, did you ever expect to win?

"I think that whenever I enter a competition, there's this little part inside that entertains the notion that plausibly, I could win; somebody has to win, so why not me?! I did think, 'Wow! What if I actually win it', but I never expected to. It was a very nice surprise. It's certainly the most incredible prize I've ever won!"

What was it about Ian Stuart's dress that you most loved?

"I love the understated romance of the gown; the pale latte hue is so delicate and the crystal embellishments are dazzling, yet extremely elegant and refined. I also love the way that Ian took the traditional, fairytale-princess dress shape and fused it with the old-Hollywood glamour of the off-the-shoulder straps and neckline to create a gown that's breathtakingly beautiful and timeless but also contemporary and fresh. It's simply the wedding gown that every bride dreams of and that every husband-to-be wants to see his bride wearing!"


The dress was designed according to what thousands of men said they wanted to see their bride wear on the big day. What did your expect your groom's reaction to be like upon seeing you on your wedding day?

"I thought he would be absolutely blown away by seeing me in the dress - and he was! Tim, my fiancé, is quite a traditional guy and he loved the classic romance of the dress. I definitely think that Tim would be in agreement with the majority of men, who see the style as the 'perfect wedding dress'!"

What was it like to meet and have your wedding dress fitted by such a celebrated designer as Ian Stuart?

"It was truly a wonderful honour to meet Ian Stuart and also to see the stunning new flagship boutique in London, pictured, which was absolutely immaculate; I really did feel like a princess when I tried on the dress! Ian was so friendly and personable as well, he put me at ease straight away. It was honestly so incredible to put on the dress and know that it had been designed by Ian Stuart and that it's completely one of a kind."


What was your favourite wedding day highlight?

"The whole day was so beautiful. The weather didn't look too promising when I woke up, it was drizzling and grey; but it cleared up a little and as my wonderful bridesmaids and my Dad walked me and my dress up to the church, the sun just shone down gloriously and the bells were ringing out; it was really emotional. When I first saw Tim waiting for me at the front of the church, he looked so relieved to see me, it made me smile. He even had a tear in his eye - as did my Dad actually - which was very sweet. Every single moment was so special; the best part was definitely being able to be with all of the people we love at one time and feeling their happiness for us. It was so lovely."

Congratulations to Emily and Tim, who exchanged vows at St. Peter's Church in Lewtrenchard, Lewdown near Okehampton in Devon, and celebrated with their friends and family at the country manor house Lewtrenchard in August.


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