It's amazing how when asked 'what's your favourite indulgence?' so many women admit to having a soft spot for candles. I'm one of them; I couldn't imagine an evening without the sultry glow of a flickering flame accompanied with a choice of aromas designed to relax, seduce or awaken. Pretty much any mood you want to feel is catered for in the opulent and extravagant world of scented candles, and by far one of my favourite mood-invoking houses is Diptyque. Not only are their candles impossibly perfect with an array of fragrances which really do sate every desire but they epitomise luxury. Lighting one of their candles when you enter your house is guaranteed to lift your mood and set the tone for the evening. It is for this reason that I adore their new departure; a pair of candles named "la Belle & la Bête', as a wedding gift. The Beauty and the Beast are two candles designed to either be lit together so that their fragrances can entwine, or enjoyed separately, but they can only be purchased as a couple. What could be more perfect as a wedding gift or even to fragrance your wedding reception with? The candles themselves are decorated with an image of the Beast; a bear in a rather dashing shirt, and Beauty; the embodiment of Parisian chic. Whilst Beast has a heart of violet, Beauty is more of a day fragrance with a blue flowery side and a fruity zing. Whether you chose to enjoy them at home or on your wedding day they are most certainly a couple you won't want to miss off your gift list. £55 per pair at Diptyque.