Planning your wedding can be a daunting task, so the Quintessentially Weddings team brought together the top names of the industry to produce the ultimate planning aide: The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide.


The practical volume is a handbag-sized book filled with inspiring content, wedding planning tricks and a step-by-step guide, combining the beauty of a coffee-table book visuals and all the essential guidance of bridal experts - from millionaire extraordinaire Phillip Treacy to Royal Wedding Florist Shane Connolly and more.

As a sneak peek we share with you five of their top tips on how to plan the perfect wedding and nailing wedmin...


1. Put all of your receipts, hot contacts, payment dates and essentials in a wedding planner - we love Smythson's beautiful Panama versions.

2. Always tackle the formal 'musts' of a wedding first, such as booking the ceremony, registrar and a caterer so all guests are well-fed and watered before you plan the prettier bits.

3. The list is your friend. Divide tasks into shorter and long lead so you can see the wood for the trees.

4. Don't be afraid to delegate, but only the things you don't care dearly about as someone else's taste and choice of flowers, music, cake or cocktails might niggle on the day.

5. Play safe, and have a contingency fun - 77% of weddings go over budget.

For more tips and advice, be sure to buy your copy of the The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide.


The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide, Quintessentially Publishing, London 2012; £24.99;