We've all seen the surprise YouTube hit with Julia and James dancing their hearts out on their wedding day to the Dirty Dancing classic. Some dread their wedding dance, some revel in the attention, but whatever the case it is one of those things that you just have to do! Sam Jennings of Dances 4 U says that you needn't be worried "Shuffling together during the first dance is thankfully an endurance test of the past. Formal dance lessons are now very popular, accessible and fun - a real stress buster for pre-wedding nerves!" If you and your hubby want to truly shine when you step up to the dancefloor, why not try your hand at taking some lessons before the big day? No need for Strictly type moves, even if you just learn the basics it will give you the confidence and moves to make you remember the moment forever. A fun distraction from wedding planning, learning dance will be an experience for the both of you.

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