After the hen do comes an all mighty hangover (at least it does if you've done it right) which brings us to discuss hangover cures.

While we are all partial to a greasy, dirty, fry-up and fizzy drink to match (the powers of a bacon sandwich and ginger beer are well documented, after all) but being a bride-to-be and therefore on the verge of marriage, this calorie overload might not be the very best of ideas...

Cue Poppy Delevigne and her anti-oxidant rich, fruit and veg juice.


Created by Nosh, the London-based detoxifying and weight-loss juice specialists famed for providing 'wellbeing, well delivered', the Hangover Cure is full of chia seeds, tomato, pineapple, avocado, acai berry, grapes, celery and chilli (yes, chilli).

The juice is bursting with vitamin C and anti-oxidants, thereby undoing the damage done by the alcohol combo of the night before; pineapple aids digestion and the fructose from the fruits encourages the body to metabolise alcohol.