This Is What's Hot In Weddings For 2018, According To The Wedding Gallery Experts

We quizzed fashion designer Alice Temperley, florist Kitten Grayson and shoe courtier Freya Rose plus The Wedding Gallery's Lotte Martin and Verity Mantell from The Wedding Shop about everything from 2018 trends to budget cutting ideas during a Facebook Live. Our chat took place at One Marylebone, home of The Wedding Gallery. New for 2017, The Wedding Gallery is the world's first luxury wedding destination for retail, planning and inspiration. 2018 wedding dress trends Alice: 'We're finding that it's not all about the typical bridal style. At Temperely, we're going for the more bohemian spirit of weddings with separates and dresses with colour in. Dresses are a little bit more innovative and slightly more ready-to-wear - but they've got more of a personality and are not a typical bridal dress. It's that effortless, relaxed and a little bit quirky feel.' Picking the perfect shoes Freya: 'It's not just about considering your own personal style but the whole style of your day. It's about finding shoes that fit with the look as well as your own personality. I think it's important for brides to be able to customise their shoes. You could then change elements or adapt the colour to fit in with the theme. Brides should also look at where they are getting married so they can decide if they'd need, for example, a block heel or a flat or open toe shoe. They need to to think about all sorts of different things to fit with the climate and terrain.' Matching your shoes to your dress Alice: 'If you have a fine dress, don't go for anything with a buckle or a strap that could catch detailing on it. Again if you have a train, you should avoid spike heels. But it very much depends on what you're wearing - how the shoe reacts to the dress is so important. If you are really specific about a shoe to get married in, bring it with you when you choose your dress. Freya: 'Sometimes if you have a lot going on with your dress, you want to keep the shoes classic with maybe a really lovely feature like mother of pearl heels. A detail that's special but subtle.' Keeping costs down Lotte: 'I would say that the best way to save money is to really focus at the beginning on what's really important to you. There are no rules and if something's not really 'your thing', you don't need to worry about not having it. As opposed to trying to cut back on everything, it's best to work out what you love and what your friends know you love. Allocate your money to that and maybe trim back somewhere else later on.' Flower predictions for 2018 Kitten: 'Flower trends are moving so quickly now. This year was all about very wild arrangements with not many flowers and lots of foliage. I think 2018 will still be a wild style but there will be an abundance of flowers - lots of roses, lots of chocolate cosmos and berries. Flowing designs that will kind of take over a space.'

2018 gift list trends

Verity: 'We're seeing a huge trend emerge in gifting art. Art is an investment and as most couples today already live together, they already have a start-up home kit. We've also seen a rise in couples choosing experiences. Guests like to buy those as they know it'll give the newlyweds memories. The classics are still there though, like Le Creuset and KitchenAid.' Social media at weddings Lotte: 'It really depends on the couple and how they use social media. If it's something that they're into, it's really fun. I personally think that during the ceremony it's nice to have no phones because people should enjoy that moment. Once that's done, if people are into social media it's a fun way of sharing it with everyone else you know. Most friends at a wedding will know whether they couple are the kind of people who'll want you to be mad all over Instagram and Facebook.' Asking for a cash gift Verity: 'We tend to tell couples not to just go for a cash gift list as your guests do love to buy you something physical. But if you are going to ask for money, be specific. You can personalise cash lists by asking for items such as a backpack if you're planning to go hiking in the Himalayas on your honeymoon.'

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