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6 Things To Do In Your First Year Of Marriage

Wondering what happens once the wedding is over? Here's how to nail your first year of marriage.

04 Feb 2019

The ‘I dos’ are done, the day is over and now the comedown commences. After months or potentially years of looking forward to one day, the post-wedding come down can be a real thing for many brides and one that comes with some serious blues. But chin up! Because now that the wedding day is done and dusted, the marriage begins!

The first year of marriage is a special time for couples and one where you get to establish what married life means to both of you. And while everyone is different, there are a few things all couples should consider and look forward to when starting their life out together as newlyweds.

Get your post-wedding admin done

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but just because the wedding is over doesn't mean the wedmin is. One of the first tasks you should do as a married couple is to send out thank yous to all of your guests – here’s how to word your wedding thank you cards).

Another admin task that is slightly more fun but equally as important, is to order your wedding photos and create a wedding photo album (a great way to relive the days highlights and cure those post-wedding blues). Whatever you do, don’t put these tasks off for too long because chances are if you don’t get them done and dusted in the first year of marriage, they’ll never get done at all.

Also if you want to change your name after marriage, then there's that paperwork too. To find out what you need to do, see our guide to changing your last name after marriage.

Go on your honeymoon!

A honeymoon is the ultimate way to get over the post-wedding blues and start your newly wedded life off on a high note. And if you already went on a honeymoon right after the wedding, perhaps you can plan to go on another one again? Last time I checked, there’s no rule as to how many honeymoons you can have. If you’re yet to book, check out our Travel Editors best honeymoon advice.

Sort your finances out

Sorry, more life admin! But this one is really important. It can be so easy in the midst of wedding planning to pile everything onto your credit card with the aim to deal with it later. So make sure you do actually deal with it after the wedding and assess what bills need to be paid and who owes what. It’s also a great time to explore (if you haven’t already) setting up joint accounts and discussing how you will pay for things throughout the marriage. Don’t leave these conversations until 5 years in when your finances might become more complicated.

Keep dating each other

You’re more than free to joke about being ‘an old married couple’ now but that doesn’t mean you get to act like one! In your first year of marriage it’s important to make an effort to spend quality time together, go on dates and give each other compliments. Day to day life is busy, but by getting into the habit of making time for one another now, you’ll set up the right habits so it will, hopefully, come naturally in the future. Another way to set your relationship up for success is by identifying what your love languages are.

Start your own traditions

There’s nothing like getting married to make you feel like a full grown adult! And while this can feel a little scary (or is that just me?), it also comes with some nice (and slightly selfish) perks, like starting your own traditions. Now that you’re married, you have the perfect excuse to spend Christmas day together alone, sans family. Or, you might want to host both of your families for Christmas lunch at your place. You could start a new tradition on your wedding anniversary, like giving each other the traditional wedding anniversary by year gifts, or even just making it a tradition to cook a roast every Sunday. Now’s the time to think about the married life you want and be a little selfish about it.

Be prepared for people to ask when you'll be having children

This question may have already popped up before you were engaged, but get ready for it to regularly smack you in the face now that you’re married. Every couple will have a different approach to this question. Whatever your response though, make sure you and your partner are on the same page to avoid making things more awkward than they might already be.