They're functional and fashionable. In recent years they've become the designer accessory du jour. And two thirds of the population wear them. Glasses have never been cooler. But would you wear them on your wedding day? The last thing you want is for your eyewear to detract from that dress! So what are the options? You could go spec-free for the day - but can you chance not being able to tell your groom from his best man at the altar? Contact lenses are an inexpensive alternative, but they're not for everyone - many people flinch at the thought of sticking something in their peepers. Laser surgery is a drastic, but longer-lasting option. It's a quick procedure with little recovery time and can restore 20/20 vision. But again, there are limitations; it's not suitable for those with very dry eyes and it's a surgical procedure, so it carries certain risks.   If glasses are your only option but you don't want them stealing your limelight - thick frames look great with almost any outfit, but a white wedding dress? Perhaps not; go for the less-is-more approach. Rimless glasses are a great compromise, and they make the ideal wedding day eyewear. They're light and unobtrusive, so you barely notice them perched on your nose; eyes are entirely visible through the lenses - so they won't affect your make-up - and most importantly they're discreet so they won't take away from your dress or stand out in your photos. Check out rimless specs brand Silhouette which has a huge range of styles; lenses to suit all face shapes and frames to match your skin tone, eyes and hair colour. Better still it counts Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Campbell and Kristin Davis among its fans. Before popping into a store, visit its website,, and use its "virtual mirror", a clever tool that lets you see which styles look best. All you need to do is upload an image of yourself - for the best result, use a snap of you in full wedding make-up and, if possible, wearing your dress - and flick through the styles to see which ones complement your look. Once you've created a shortlist, email the shots to your girlfriends (you don't want your hubby-to-be to see the dress) and ask what they think. Then pop into your local store to try them for real, order them and tick this item off your wedding planning list. And bear in mind - you can get polarising clip-ons for your glasses so they become stylish shades - perfect for the honeymoon! - 22/07/2009