We've enlisted the help of bride-to-be and double Olympic Gold medallist Victoria Pendleton to share her everyday tips to help fellow future brides. Along her great everyday tips, we've also recruited personal trainers Steve Mellor and James Osborn from Freedom2Train to create an exercise plan you will all be able to do.


First we look at your rear...

Victoria says: "Many people think that a pert bum is all about running or cycling, but in fact it's resistance work - like squats -which pulls your glutes inwards and upwards, which in turn makes your legs look longer and your waist neater."

Steve and James's three steps to a pert bum:

1 Lunges

Take a big stride forward and get our bum as close to your front knee as possible. Then push through that front heel to work the glutes and return to a standing position.

Two sets of 15 reps

2 Shoulder bridge

Lie on your back, draw in your core (the muscles around your waist) and then slowly peel your hips off the floor, picking up one vertebra at a time until you've formed your 'bridge', with feet and shoulders on the floor. This is great for loosening your spine, as well as targeting you core and glutes

Build up from 30 second to holding for one minute

3 Squat jumps

Position your legs at 11am and 1pm on the clockface, lower your bum to the found, then jump skywards. The lower the squat, the better for toning your muscles.

Two sets of 15 reps


To find out more about Freedom2Train visit www.freedom2train.com