We've enlisted the help of bride-to-be and double Olympic Gold medallist Victoria Pendleton to share her everyday tips to help fellow future brides. Along her great everyday tips, we've also recruited personal trainers Steve Mellor and James Osborn from Freedom2Train to create an exercise plan you will all be able to do.


First we look at building core strength...

Victoria says: " The only way to get a slim waist and flat stomach is to reduce your body fat through sensible eating and cardio exercises like spin classes, cycling and running - combined with resistance work like Pilates. To define your stomach after that, you'll need to target your core; the set of muscled around your waist."

Steve and James's three steps to a trophy torso:

1 Plank push-up

Lie face down on the floor, elbows hip-width apart, stomach in, back flat. Push up into the plan position, hold for one or two second and lower yourself down again. Tip: To challenge yourself bright you feet closer together.

Two sets of 15 reps

2 Leg raises

This works the lower abs to give definition to the V-shaped muscled which your show off in a bikini. Lie down on your back and raise one leg at a time as high as you can, keeping both legs straight. Raise both legs to increase intensity.

Two sets of 15 reps

3. V-sits

Lie flat on your back with your arms at your sides. In one movement, raise your upper body and both your legs, keeping your back straight and reaching your hands towards your toes.

Two sets of 15 reps


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