We've enlisted the help of bride-to-be and double Olympic Gold medallist Victoria Pendleton to share her everyday tips to help fellow future brides. Along her great everyday tips, we've also recruited personal trainers Steve Mellor and James Osborn from Freedom2Train to create an exercise plan you will all be able to do.


First we look at arms...

Victoria says: "Most wedding dresses show off your upper arms and even in a few weeks you can make a difference to muscle tone and definition. Wear wrist weights during exercise and pump your arms as you run - you'll be giving yourself a resistance work our (aka strength training) on top of your cardio"

Steve and James's three steps to toned arms:

1 Tricep dips

Toned arms require resistance work on your triceps, the muscles at the back of your arms. Grab a chair and, with your back to it and your hands on the seat, lower yourself to just above the ground. Keep your elbows in, knees bent and your bum near to the chair.

Two sets of 15 reps

2 Reverse flies

You'll need two hand weights - full half-litre bottles of water also work (or larger depending on how much you want to lift). Stand with your feet hip-width apart and lean forward at your waist to a 45-degree angle with your arms hanging down by your legs. Hold your back straight, clench your abs, and raise both your arms out to the side with your elbows slightly higher than your back, as if you are slowly flapping imaginary wings.

Two sets of 15 reps

3 Shoulder presses

Standing with feet hip-distance apart and holding your weights, tuck your elbows into your waist and bring your hands up to your shoulders, with palms facing forward. Now pinch your shoulder blades together and lift your weights straight up above your head and down, making sure that you don't arch your back.

Two sets of 15 reps


To find out more about Freedom2Train visit www.freedom2train.com