I was enthralled by the launch of Tiffany & Co's new website and app www.whatmakeslovetrue.com all about love and romance, designed for romantics everywhere offering relationship hints, tips on love, films and romantic playlists. I especially loved Edward Burns' short film Will You Marry Me?, featuring real-life couples. It's picture perfect!

The idea behind it is that once besotted, couples see the world anew. Tiffany delights them with tales of real-life couples who recall - on film and in photographs - romantic roads taken and the thrill of it all. Visitors of this microsite will also find a compendium of tips for love-struck couples gleaned from Tiffany's 175 years as an expert on the subject.

On top of this the website explores the fabulous, fabled world of New York, the ultimate city for falling ecstatically in love. The website remains current by being regularly updated with new content from Tiffany and visitors who add their own chapters to what is the endlessly fascinating story that is 'true love'. Take a peek and by all means have a go - but be prepared to be addicted. I already am. Find out more at www.whatmakeslovetrue.com