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30 Tips For Applying Flawless Foundation On Your Wedding Day

There’s foundation, and then there’s the flawless skin every bride deserves. The difference between the two? These genius tricks from top make-up artists.

01 Oct 2018

1. It’s very French to let your skin show through your foundation. After putting yours on, press a tissue on top to remove any excess. Laura Mercier

2. When buying a new foundation, test a few shades in natural light, then squint. The one that disappears is your match. Nick Barose

3. Prepping the skin gives you gorgeous, dewy foundation. Use face oil mixed with moisturiser on your cheekbones, your chin and the peak of your forehead. Patrick Ta

4. Look for rounded foundation brushes with synthetic hairs. They’re usually labelled powder brushes, but they’re the best for blending. Lora Arellano

5. You can set foundation without caking on powder. Separate a two-ply tissue, place half over your skin, then dust loose powder on top. AJ Crimson

6. Don’t erase your skin. Foundation is meant to give you a cleaner palette, and then you can dab on concealer where you need more coverage. Robin Black

7. For subtle dimension, apply foundation where you need it, then tap concealer on the bridge and tip of your nose, the centre of your forehead, your chin and the Cupid’s bow. Patrick Ta

8. Mix your foundation with a few drops of a shimmering gel highlighter to create an all-over yet natural-looking glow. Hung Vanngo

9. Buff, buff, buff foundation into the skin – quickly, like a whirlwind – with a brush. It ensures the coverage won’t look heavy-handed. Vincent Oquendo

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10. A lot of people have redness and imperfections around their lip line. Cover them with a little concealer. Linda Cantello

11. Most oil-free foundations oxidise (turn yellow or orange) on oily skin throughout the day, so test them for a few hours before you buy one. Laura Mercier

12. Put on foundation, then press it into your skin with a damp sponge until it’s seamlessly blended. Patrick Ta

13. If you have dry patches, press a small piece of sticky tape over them before you do your make-up. It will remove skin that’s ready to slough off. Robin Black

14. On sun spots, use concealer a shade lighter than your skin, with peach or gold undertones; top with pressed-powder foundation. Mally Roncal

15. Don’t use under-eye concealer on the rest of your face. Most have light-reflecting pigments that call attention to spots, like: ‘Hello! Here I am!’ Linda Cantello

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16. To avoid creasing, put foundation on smooth, unlined areas first, such as your cheeks. Blend from there, skipping crow’s feet and smile lines. Laura Mercier

17. Set your chin, forehead and the perimeter of your face with powder, but leave the centre of your face alone – it’ll look dewier by contrast. Patrick Ta

18. For photo opps, use a primer and a sheer matte foundation. Luminous formulas look shiny in pictures. Nick Barose

19. Small, fluffy synthetic brushes are great for blending concealer over redness and imperfections. Linda Cantello

20. When touching up, use a foundation brush to swirl moisturiser over your skin before adding more foundation. Mary Phillips

21. Mist a fluffy brush with facial spray and press it over your make-up to make it look more like skin. Lora Arellano

22. You don’t want your face darker than your neck – test shades around your jawline, or dust bronzer on your neck to even everything out. Jillian Dempsey

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23. If you can’t find a perfect shade, buy one that’s slightly darker than your skin and one that’s slightly lighter, then fine-tune the colour yourself. Lora Arellano

24. When skin has a raised or bumpy texture, use primer and a creamy foundation. It
will be just thick enough to smooth over the unevenness. Mary Phillips

25. If you’re in a pinch, apply loose powder instead of foundation on a freshly squeezed pimple – it will adhere, rather than sliding off. Mai Quynh

26. Use an eyeshadow primer on wrinkles to prevent creasing and to create an even canvas for make-up. Hung Vanngo

27. Pimples will work their way through your foundation one way or another. So touch up using concealer and a brush (layering on foundation gets cakey). Laura Mercier

28. Buy your foundation in two shades: one for imperfections and a lighter shade to highlight cheekbones, chin and the bridge of your nose. AJ Crimson

29. Tap a hyaluronic acid serum over the foundation on your cheekbones and temples to achieve a natural-looking glow. Robin Black

30. Cover any redness or acne with foundation, then concealer. Use a brush on pimples – fingers will push make-up aside instead of covering the top of a blemish. Laura Mercier