LOVE LOVE LOVING the clever little perfume atomisers by Travalo. They're only 8cm long so they will fit into the minniest of wedding purses and honeymoon handbags, and they come in all sorts of fun colours so you can have one to match your mood, perfume or outfit. In my gold one right now is the delicious Tom Ford White Suede. What I particularly love is that a) it's only £9.99 and b) there's no need for fiddly funnels to pour your perfume from Mummy bottle into Baby bottle. All you do is pull off the nozzle from the main bottle, push it into the base of the Travalo and pump it a few times until it fills up the canister. Voila! Check out their website or buy it online at for a discounted price of £7.99* Background roses (pictured) by Jamie Aston ( *At time of writing