I recently received a letter from a bride-to-be who is, by her description, much, much, much shorter that her very tall fiancé, asking me what to wear to detract from their obvious height difference on her wedding day. She said it is so extreme that they are used to people staring at them on the street, and with this in mind, it's the last thing she wants on her wedding day - naturellement! So with height differences between a couple (in this instance the bride being shorter than the groom) go for three-quarter length full dresses, ie. Fifties style. Remember it is 100% about balance - so anything short with no volume will make you look more mini than you already are, and anything full length with volume, or something slinky will drown you next to someone with height. Short or three-quarter length dresses with full skirts will give you volume in terms of width, making up for what you can't create with height. Think about balance, from bottom upwards: first by being able to see your feet, and then being distracted by the width of the skirt. Then being pulled in again at the waist and maybe something with volume going on around the head, such as a cropped full veil or big hair (up or down), again creating an interesting silhouette. And of course, you can't forget a killer pair of heels that not only look good but also give height! If you don't like wearing them too high, go for platforms or wedges. However, if you are taller than your groom, you'll need to do a Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise and wear flats. Lots of my friends have pulled this off elegantly, especially with a slinky dress. The key is that the less fuss and volume around you, the better. He might want to try wearing risers in his shoes, which are normal men's shoes with a bit of a heel. It's actually really in fashion right now, so best mention that when you suggest it or he might mildly freak out! Good luck!