Top 100 Honeymoon Destinations: What's Your Travel Vibe?

22 Jun 2016

You've painstakingly planned your wedding (almost there!) and we bet it's got you written all over it. Well, shouldn't it be the same for your honeymoon?

A dreamy, nothing-but-beach Maldives trip may not be quite right for those with a more adventurous side and Berlin? Soooo not perfect for those fly-and-floppers. And what if you have little ones in tow - where will they be welcome?!

Relax... the Brides Honeymoon Guide 2015/16 in association with The Turquoise Holiday Company has so many hadn't-thought-of-that options, you'll be booked up in no time.

We've visited all 100 of these hotspots with you, our readers, in mind. Whether you are both foodie fanatics or go geeky over spas, are history bods or party lovers (hello, grown-up Ibiza!) you'll find something that's perfect.

After all, it's about just that - getting it right. This is your trip-of-a-lifetime so it's got to be bang on.

Don't worry; only our favourites (the ones that soared above the rest) have been included. These reviews are the most authoritative you'll find in the world of honeymoons; for us, a good hotel isn't good enough - unless we're sure you'll love it. Enjoy the search!

Fly & flop

Glam new openings and revamped resorts where you can hit horizontal

The cool school

It's not just about the hotel... get ready for a serious side of culture

Spa geeks

Dreamy hotels where it's all about that knock-your-socks-off massage

Foodie fanatics

Tantalising trip treats, all tried, tested and tucked into by... us!

Adventure seekers

Ski-moons and safari sojourns perfect for adrenaline junkies

Family fun

'Take the tribe along' destinations

Wellness warriors

The 10 best spots to retreat, recharge and reconnect