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We asked the planning duo for their top tips on how to plan the perfect winter wedding...

1. Plan for an earlier ceremony to ensure there's enough time for photos in natural light. A 12pm ceremony should give you more than enough time to make the most of the light.

2. If you're considering making the most of your venues grounds by taking photos outside avoid getting your heels stuck in the grass by changing into your Uggs. This will be far more practical, while trying to manage your dress, veil and bouquet. No one will notice them underneath your dress and think of the comfort and warmth….bliss!


3. Ensure your bridesmaids have a shawl or shrug to go with their dresses; you don't want chattering teeth during the ceremony or blue lips in your photos! Make the most of wintery fashion - faux fur and feathers would make a fabulous impact.

4. Make sure your transportation company have a back-up plan should the vehicles get stuck in snow. Provide blankets to your guests for their journey and welcome them to the venue with a warm drink to take away the chill.

5. Go crazy with candlelight, church candles, votive candles, tealights and lanterns. Have them in the aisles for the ceremony, driveways, pathways and staircases of the venue, use them as part of the table centrepieces for dinner, surrounding fireplaces, everywhere and anywhere you are able too. Not only will they bring warmth to your venue, but it will also make it pretty and romantic too!


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