The traditional running order at a wedding runs thus:

Ceremony - Ask the person marry you for a full order of service

Formal Photographs - You may wish to pose for these and have group photos taken outside your venue.

Reception - A receiving line is losing ground to a more informal drinks reception where guests relax and mingle.

Dinner - the first meal of your married life is known as the wedding breakfast.

Speeches - Nervous speakers may prefer to do the speeches earlier, but they traditionally follow dessert in this order:

Bride's Father - This speech introduces the bride to the groom's family, usually with praise and special memories, and ends with a toast to the couple

The Bridegroom - thanks the bride's parents for their help, compliments his new life and toasts the attendants.

The Best Man - introduces the groom to the bride's family. He's expected to tell funny stories about the groom, but these should not be too risqué

Cutting the Cake - The couple make the first cut, then it's taken away to be sliced and served.

First Dance - The couple takes to the floor. The bride then dances with her father and the groom with his mother. Then it's time to celebrate!