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If you missed those answers from the wedding planning experts from Love & Lord, we have included some of the Q&A's here:

Allison asked - How can we best deal with a difficult/estranged guest? My fiancé's mother is not close to us, but how do we deal with her?

Use the wedding as an opportunity to bring her into the fold

Silvia asked - How do you become a wedding planner?

You need direct experience - get an unpaid internship with an established wedding planner

Hayley asked - We're getting married on a budget, and so far are having a horrible time finding the right venue! How do we get the right venue at the right price?

It's a lot of legwork and time spent researching on the internet. Try Love and Lord's Wedding Advisory service

@HannahBabushka - Where can I get info on all the legalities of marrying abroad?

First choose your country then start internet research or pay a #weddingplanner. Try @LoveandLord Wedding Advisory service

@Rosienics - I am a soon to be bridesmaid and want a bespoke dress made for me. Where should I go?

For the best of head to toe #bespoke design and styling make an appointment with @thestateofgrace

@HannahBabushka - Would you be able to suggest any truly spectacular venues in North Africa? Preferably in Morocco...

For an intimate wedding in #Marrakech we love Dar Jaguar for bigger #weddings try

@HannahBabushka - How do you choose the right local caterer and wine supplier if multiple tastings aren't possible?

Obtain wedding references from the caterer they have done before and research them thoroughly

@rach_80 - How do you politely tell guests that children aren't welcome at your wedding?

Emphasise the positive side of having a child-free holiday for a couple of days

@ibride2bee - We aren't having a bridal party, just our kids, but do they have to wear suits for a Sunday Brunch?

If it an informal #wedding then probably not. Do check the dress code.

@HKiteley - Looking for unusual wedding invitations - any suggestions?

@LRStationery is the queen of truly bespoke stationery

@Katie_Gunn - How do you pick wedding wine when marrying abroad? Worried of making a big mistake!

Use the services of our @WineChap, Tom Harrow. The best connoisseur in town

@SlickLikeGaston - My friend is thinking of having her wedding in Italy next year, any top tips I can give her?

Expensive mistakes and stress can be avoided if you use an experienced #weddingplanner

@Rosienicks - I want to plan my own wedding abroad without a full time wedding planner, is this a mistake?!

Undoubtedly Yes. We are constantly contacted by brides who have tried to do it themselves and become overwhelmed.

@BossardQuartet - At which point of your wedding planning might you consider music choices, either ceremony or drinks?

Based on 12 months planning, music choice could be halfway through

@ammmie - How do you ask for pennies for the honeymoon without sounding rude?

Ask them for a voucher for Mr and Mrs Smith. This is preferable to receiving actual money.

@Marliselieb - Am I risking the 'fresh' look of my big day by doing the flowers ourselves?

Absolutely not. Find inspiration from bloggers like @lovemydress and create your own design to stamp your personality on the day

Gemma asked - I am getting married 23 July 2016 and would like to know if it is too early to start planning and deciding on our venue?

Never too early to start planning. Start with venue & draw up your guest list. An idea of numbers helps to work within a budget

Helen asked - If guests are having the meal that they pre-ordered, is there any point in having printed menu cards?

Most guests forget what they ordered by the time the big day arrives, menus refresh their memory & add something special to table design

Joanne asked - I am not Catholic myself. Is this possible?

This is generally fine depending on which country you will be married in. Your Priest will be able to advice on exact requirements

Naomi asked - What gift-list would you recommend for a couple who want a traditional gift-list as well as a honeymoon option?

There are many options. John Lewis, Harrods or draw up your list from a range of stores. Guests will thank you for being specific!

Anna asked - I am a month into planning and really struggling to decide on a theme or colours. Any tips on what might help?

Start with bridesmaid dresses & link a scheme in from there, don't be shy to make a statement with bold colours

@SlickLikeGaston - my friend would like to know how to transport her wedding dress? Any tips?

Check airline hand luggage dimensions who make pretty boxes that will also protect the dress

@LALIBABAR - what are the best hairstyles for a wedding abroad? I'm really struggling to find something I like!

If getting married in the heat a hair up option can be more suitable to keep you cool

I am having two ceremonies, in Italy and India. I need a bespoke styling team who can create something new for me?

@thestateofgrace have a Eurasian couture collection for bespoke wedding dresses as well as traditional styles

@Ashrogelios - What is the hardest part about planning a wedding abroad? And how can I make it less challenging?

The paperwork & legalities is a minefield.Other than hiring a planner, do your homework & contact consulates for advice

Jean asked - How far in advance do you have to plan a wedding abroad? I'm worried about how much time to give guests to plan their travels etc

We recommend a minimum of a year in advance to allow time off work and best prices deals for travel

Sam asked - We want to get married abroad, but aren't sure how to pick where to marry... any suggestions on where to start? (or where is easiest?)

The type of ceremony you want will dictate the country you choose. Please see our Wedding advisory service:

Polly asked - What is the most expensive destination wedding location generally speaking? And the cheapest?

In Europe the South of France is most expensive, the cheapest location is Cyprus.

Katie asked - How many guests do weddings abroad usually cater for? How many guest is 'normal'?

You can have as many guests as your venue allows. We find 120 - 150 guests is a typical number

Anam asked - I don't want a conventional wedding dress, I'm having a civil partnership abroad. Who will design something different.

So no meringues then. The hottest destination in town for an unconventional bride is here:

@xxChezza10xx - Getting married in Santorini this year and need some inspiration for favours that we can with us?

Far better to buy something local to remind them of the wedding. Ouzo and sugared almonds.

@Amyrae16 - What do I do with my bridesmaid? She's just had her lip pieced! It's going to look horrendous!

Ask her nicely to remove it or you can get more subtle clear ones just for the day to not cramp her style.

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