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Uber Pool: The New Place To Meet Your Future Husband?

It seems that Uber is not only changing the way we get around. The international taxi company have recently released the statistic that five engagements (that's right: FIVE) have occurred between couples who met on an UberPOOL journey.

So, what exactly is UberPOOL? The service allows Uber users to travel with other passengers who are heading in the same direction, and at the end of the ride the fare is split between the two. The close-quarters of sitting in the backseat of a car with a total stranger as you speed through the city at night appears to have the potential of igniting a romantic spark.


With more and more couples meeting on sites like Tinder and eHarmony (it's 2017, after all), UberPOOL harks back to the heady excitement of instantly connecting with someone when meeting them face-to-face for the first time. Psychologists believe we're more likely to suss out who someone is after a ten minute conversation in person, than after a year long history of online messaging.

In fact, UberPOOL bride-to-be Jenisa's story sounds like the plot of a romantic movie. In May 2015, she met her now fiancé Lester after accidentally selecting the UberPOOL service at the end of an evening out in Los Angeles. The driver - who could have a second job as Cupid - set them up by suggesting they exchange phone numbers at the end of the journey. Eleven months after this unexpected meeting, Jenisa moved from her home of Atlanta to live with Lester in Chicago. In January 2017, while the couple were on holiday in Colombia, Lester got down on one knee and proposed to Jenisa.

It seems that true love can be found where you least expect it!