Brides Proposal Expert Tiffany Wright (who runs gives you her top tips for pulling off the world's best marriage proposal!

1. Make it a… surprise!

Don't give the game away - instead make it a moment to remember by keeping it completely under wraps. Proposing on Valentine's day or your man's birthday could be a bit of a giveaway, so pick a date where he won't get suspicious. Our girls kept it hush-hush for weeks - even managing to get their partners to London thinking they were about to review a restaurant. Bravo!

2. Location, location, location

When choosing where to propose, keep your man's interests in mind. If you had your first kiss whilst walking the dogs in your local woods, then consider proposing there. Or, if your man is a huge footie fan, then why not take him on a private tour of his favourite football ground and propose in the middle of the pitch? From super-luxe (hello, The Savoy!) to that restaurant you went to on one of your dates together, make sure the venue matches his personality.


3. Feel extra special - but still you

For our mass proposal party, David's Bridal dressed all of our women in stunning evening wear from across all its full collections. But one of our women, Holly, felt strongly that she didn't want to be overtly feminine - that just wasn't her usual style. So, she accessorised a short illusion sequined dress (£210.95) with her own pair of black biker boots. Perfect! The look was glam - and gorgeously her. If you're going to propose the last thing you want to be worried about is your look, so give it some thought way in advance too.

4. Go the extra mile. Literally!

You're only going to get the chance to propose once, so make sure you pull out all the stops. If your man has always dreamt about visiting the canals of Venice, or checking out the Big Apple, then why not book a weekend away and propose there? One of our brave ladies flew 4,906 miles from Texas to pop the question - now that is impressive! If budget is an issue, then you can still propose in a thoughtful and romantic way. If he loves his wine, then consider creating a personalised wine label with the words 'marry me' on it (try Bottle Bazaar, £45).

5. Put a ring on it (Sort of)

If you're proposing to him, there are no hard and fast rules about whether you should propose with an engagement ring or not. Why not turn tradition on its head and propose with a gorgeous pair of cufflinks or brand new watch. You could have the date of your proposal engraved on it or you could go one step further have the words 'marry me'! Be creative if you're giving a gift - what about borrowing Laura's idea and give a box with a heartfelt message and photos to your partner?


6. When in doubt… sing!

If you don't have Jessica's confidence (or lungs like Mariah), consider getting a band to serenade your beau for the ultimate moment to remember, but make sure it's personalised to him! When choosing a song, think about one that means something to the two of you - perhaps it's the song that played in the bar where you first met, or it could be a favourite song that you both secretly sing to each other! We love The London Essentials who got the party started après proposals.

7. Enjoy it!

Proposing can be a very nerve-wrecking thing to do. Make sure you're as prepared as you can be so that nerves don't take over. Consider planning what you are going to say when you propose (writing it down can help!). Finally, don't forget, smile. You've found The One! Hurrah!

8. Capture the moment

Chances are, whilst you're proposing, you'll be in your own little (magical) world (and so will you man). Consider hiring a photographer to videographer to secretly capture the moment. All of our Leap Year Brides now have wonderful videos of their proposals that they can keep forever. And the best bit? What a fabulous thing to be able to show your friends and family on your wedding day. You could have photos of the proposal at the wedding venue, or project your proposal video onto a wall.

9. There ain't no party like an insta-engagement party

Confident he'll say yes? Then why wait - invite friends and family to celebrate the moment with you. Involving friends and family in your proposal is a fun way to pop the question. Consider getting them to hold out a 'marry me' sign or arrange a surprise engagement party for straight afterwards. Keep the party theme tailored to you and your man. You could use photos of the two of you as bunting, or decorate the room with the colours from his favourite rugby team!

Have you seen our beautiful proposal video yet? Watch it now: