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'You can never be overdressed on the Orient Express,' says the brochure. And what better way to kick-start your honeymoon than living the high life aboard one of the world's most luxurious trains?

The journey starts on the British Pullman, enjoying brunch as we whizz towards the Channel crossing. And that's when the real fun begins.

Once in France, we're helped aboard the Orient Express by our cabin steward, wearing that distinctive blue uniform.

Anything you need, just ring the bell in your cabin and he will magically appear. The cabins themselves are all vintage luxury, lots of polished oak and mahogany, crystal glassware, silk lampshades and art deco luggage racks.

During the day, relax on banquette seating, which converts to luxury bunk-beds at night, with your own Orient robes and slippers to complete the look. Your experience on board will largely depend on how sociable you're feeling - we wiled away hours in the bar, trying to wrestle the 12 secret ingredients in the famous Agatha Christie cocktail out of the barman, and comparing notes with other passengers about the amazing views.

And, of course, long, indulgent dining experiences are central to life on the Orient Express. Lobster, scallops and caviar, we tucked into them all in the stunning dining car. How the chefs achieve the Michelin-starred presentation at speeds of up to 140mph we'll never know.

WOW FACTOR: Sipping Bellini after Bellini in the cocktail bar as the resident pianist played classics on the baby grand piano from sunset to sunrise.

TRAvel time: 2 days via train.

GO: Two days and one night costs from £1,920 per person Includes journeys on the British Pullman and Orient Express, as well as table d'hôte meals but excludes drinks.

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There's no more romantic way to start an Italian honeymoon than aboard this classic train.

You begin your journey in a British Pullman with bellinis and brunch then, at Calais, your Orient-Express carriage awaits.

As you pull out of Paris at about 10pm, the bar car is packed full of sequins and dinner jackets, as the cocktails are knocked back till the small hours.

Wake up to Alpine views then, as you rumble over the lagoon into Venice, wind down your window and soak up the sunshine - truly a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

WOW FACTOR: The Agatha Christie cocktail: made with 12 ingredients, one from each of the countries the train travels through on its famed Paris to Istanbul journey.

WHEN TO GO: Spring, Summer

FLIGHT TIME: 2 hours

GO: Double cabins from £1,830 per person ( Includes all table d'hôte meals on board. For your return journey, Easyjet flies from £30.99 one-way.