Yours truly is always as good as gold (ahem) so I was concerned the Vivienne Westwood press office was trying to tell me something when this bottle of Naughty Alice perfume landed on my desk. Turns out Queen Viv was inspired by the Wonderland wanderer and dedicated her latest scent to her adventures. "She is mischievous, independent by nature and dares to be different. Like the fragrance, she is whimsical and playful while being sexy." ... says the press release. If that taps into your inner Alice psyche, go forth and discover the perfume when it arrives in Selfridges this week. It's a modern powdery number with a mystical-sounding recipe of black rose, carnal violet and sensual ylang-ylang - ideal for autumnal brides who want to smell different and interesting but still delicious and feminine. The very 'drink me' magic-potion bottle comes with a dinky little Vivienne Westwood bracelet - a gold chain with a turquoise enamel heart charm... so if you're caught up in a dreamworld and you've forgotten your bridal jewellery, slip it on as your Something Blue. Cheshire cat smiles all round. Naughty Alice, Eau de Parfum from £35 for 30ml. Exclusively at Selfridges from September 24, then nationwide from October 18.