Apologies in advance to those not living in the capital, but the most brilliant new wax salon has just opened in London. It's called Ministry of Waxing, with stores around the world and rave reviews from international press - so when we heard they were opening just down the road from the Brides office we binned our razors and let the hairy Gods take over in time for our appointment. Inside, it's a cross between The Crystal Maze's 'Industrial Zone' and a groovy doctor's surgery, with bare cement walls and strip lights, plus cute touches like animal ornaments, big treatment beds and wax art installations. The super-pro therapists are wonderfully obsessive about cleanliness (in fact their mantra is HSQ: Hygiene, Speed, Quality - they'll never double-dip with the same sticks, they always wear gloves and put on face masks when 'down there' or up near your face) and their wax selection and aftercare products are top notch. We're seriously impressed with their treatment list too: it's honestly the longest waxing menu we've ever seen and includes nostril, finger and ear de-fuzzing amongst all the classics, plus endless choices for bikini topiary. Speaking of, if you're thinking of having a Brazilian for your wedding and honeymoon, this is the place to go: think leg acrobatics, follicle extractions and bespoke shaping to achieve a totally flawless finish. The only negative? They're not on every high street in the country. www.ministryofwaxing.com; 17 South Molton Street, London W1K 5QT.