Award Winning Designer Ian Stuart is known for his theatrical designs and is loved by brides the world over. In 2008 he won 'Outstanding Contribution to the Industry' at the Bridal Buyer Awards. A bride's perfect dress is... So beautiful, it makes heads turn and people cry, as soon as she appears! The happiest bride is... One who has thought carefully about every stage of the experience leading up to the big day. Careful planning and time management will result in a stress free wedding day! I'm best known for... Sourcing unusual fabric and colours, my style is theatrical, quirky yet modern and wearable. My Occasion and Evening range is... Designed for women who are attending any special occasion. It bears the hallmark of my style; the outfits are sexy, happy, contemporary and made in colours and fabrics which compliment the bridal collection. I love working in bridal because... It is the only area of fashion design that encompasses theatre, glamour and sophistication. My bridal collection is... Constantly evolving from season to season. I always try to experiment with new colours, fabrics, shapes and embellishment as well as taking risks through the designing. My goal is to make a bride feel beautiful and confident and look her most amazing! I am... Slightly mad, untidy, very romantic and terrible at Maths. You probably won't know this but... I was born in Holland to Dutch and English parents, I hate Indian food, I have played the piano all my life and got stuck in a broken lift with Susan Sarandon for two hours in New York! If I could introduce a new trend for 2010 in bridal it would be... A re-introduction of huge big puffed sleeves, but in a modern and trendy way! I would love to dress... Vanessa Paradis and Sophia Loren Next year I predict brides will be wearing... More 'themed' gowns, depicting a particular era or period in history, Edwardian, Fifties etc... I believe that girls are beginning to think about how the dress matches the venue, to create an overall look!