Wedding anniversary gift guide: what to buy every year

Your mind may be whizzing with all things wedding but this special day is just the beginning of a fabulous marriage together - one which you'll no doubt want to celebrate with wedding anniversary gifts every year that passes (any excuse for a celebration, right?).

Not sure where to start? Why not take inspiration from the traditional wedding anniversary themes to find a gift that your partner will fall in love with - The Wedding Shop has tons of ideas to suit every year and we've chosen our top picks for the first ten years so that you (and more importantly, the recipient) will never be disappointed…

One year wedding anniversary: paper

Twelve months after you've signed on the dotted line, it's time to celebrate all over again with a paper-inspired gift. From wall art to practical presents, there's something here to impress your other half.

Two year wedding anniversary: cotton

From indulgent linens to 5*star-worthy bedding, these picks show cotton is synonymous with comfort - go forth and snuggle.

Three year wedding anniversary: leather

Look beyond the conventional handbag or shoes for a more unique take on the leather trends, whether your partner is a fan of a modern touch or classic style - it's all here.

Four year wedding anniversary: fruit or flowers

Think outside the box; you know you can do better than a simple bunch of blooms.

Five year wedding anniversary: wood

No one's asking you to channel Ryan Gosling in The Notebook and build a house - these personalised woodwork ideas can be just as memorable (and a lot less labour intensive).

Six year wedding anniversary: sugar

Sweet tooth or not, six years after tying the knot calls for a gift inspired by the white stuff. Not keen on whipping up a cake? Never fear, The Wedding Shop has much better ideas.

Seven year wedding anniversary: wool

Whether it's a beautiful woven rug to give your interiors an overhaul or cosy throw handy for romantic nights in, wool is a winning theme.

Eight year wedding anniversary: bronze

It may not be time to go for gold (you've got a fair few years to meet that milestone!) but check out these luxury buys and you'll soon see bronze can be just as chic an option.

Nine year wedding anniversary: pottery

Reflect your personality in every room of the home with these pottery picks. Want to go one better? There's even the opportunity to give Demi and Patrick a run for their money…

Ten year wedding anniversary: aluminium

A decade of married bliss is definitely worth celebrating! Demonstrate your love with a modern twist on aluminium for a trend-setting present worth showing off.

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