The sculpting treatment brides-to-be really need to know about...

Everybody loves celebrity consultant, Dr. Powell, who runs the SculpSure fat-busting laser treatments (from £250). If you're shopping for a Brazilian beach body, Dr. Powell knows better than anybody how fat stores are laid down, and performs all treatments himself. For bigger bulges on the tummy this treatment is perfect, as the suction cup grips the skin with the cool plates for deeper, more effective penetration.


The result? Thighs will be slimmed, baggy bingo wings lifted, curves contoured, and your body will look substantially smoother. Cool down time is around six-weeks, you will feel a little sore for the first two weeks with not much of a result, but by the time you enter week six the inches will literally fall off.


But how does it work? The SculpSure device at LaserSculpt simultaneously utilises up to four 1060nm diode lasers that fire through a sapphire crystal window which rests against your skin. A coolant circulates under the sapphire crystal keeping your skin at an optimal temperature and ensuring no damage. The laser heats the targeted stubborn fat to between 45-47C triggering the fat cells to die over a subsequent period of 6-12 weeks. Hello new you!

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