This week I met with Carolyn White at Cakes 4 Fun ( to discuss an upcoming photo shoot. I visited her at her at her studio in Putney, and went along with an idea of the style of wedding cake I wanted her to create. When we sat down and began talking about the options, I was reminded of how easy it is to get overwhelmed by the decision-making process. There was a discussion about the look of the cake - number of tiers, icing colour and decoration detail - as well as practical delivery considerations. If we'd been dealing with a real cake (hate to break the illusion, but all the cakes we shoot are iced polystyrene bases...) I'd have had to decide on a cake flavour too. It struck me that there were lots of opportunities to get side-tracked and confused, so if you're yet to order your wedding cake, I suggest you take a moment to look through the questions below. They should help you to communicate your ideas with your cake designer and also serve as a reminder of the things you need to ask so that your cake is made, decorated and delivered just as you like it. Oh, and one important tip, don't lose sight of the fact that we're dealing with delicious cake here - have fun in the process!

Wedding Cake Selection and Presentation What kind of cake would you like? - traditional fruitcake, sponge cake, chocolate? - Remember that the tiers don't have to be the same flavour. Ask if you can try samples to check the quality of the cake. How would you like your cake presented? - flat, stacked or tiered? Round or square? Individual cakes? How will the cake be eaten? With fingers or forks? Served or taken home in favour boxes? Consider the decorations. Will you need fresh flowers or sugar paste? A cake topper? Ribbon? Practicalities How and when will the cake be transported? Is there a delivery charge? Are there appropriate refrigeration facilities on site? Are the decorations edible? Are there any nut allergies? Who will provide the knife and cake stand? If you want to save the top tier (traditionally for the christening of your first child) ask if this will be possible. Bookings and payment What is the cancellation/postponement policy? How far in advance are bookings required? How much is the deposit to secure the date and when it is due? How soon after the event is the balance due? Is VAT included in the final price? Have you confirmed dates, times and details with a written contract? Do you have insurance?