Be smart about additional costs with London-based tailor Mike Mandalia's guide to alterations...

A quick word of warning: Alteration prices do vary hugely so be sure to ask your tailor for a quote before agreeing to any adjustments.

The optional extras:

- Dress taken in from underarm to waist, from £65.

- Dress taken in from waist down, from £65.

- Adding a short train, from £120, plus fabric. A full train costs up to £300.

- Shortened train, from £60.

- Shortened straps, from £25.

- Bust darts added, from £60.

- Adding a sash, from £85, plus fabric.

- Adding a loop and bustle, from £35.

- Reworked sleeves, from £60.

- Zip added, from £35, depending on fabric.

- Hand-beaded straps, from £125. This is time-heavy. Consider ready-made beaded straps instead.

- Embroidery panel added to bodice, from £45, per panel, plus fabric.

- Shortened hem, from £75-200, dependent on number of layers and type of fabric.

! Please note that these are only guide prices. Cost will vary according to the tailor, supplier and fabrics you use

Mike Mandalia;