Seen the November/December issue of Brides yet? If so, you'll probably have spotted the 'Dance... Me? Never!' piece on page 168, which charts one writer's endeavours to brush up his dance skills in time for his big-day fox-trot. If it you want to waltz your way round the dance floor in style, but would rather practise at home rather that at dance school, then check out the new Modern Jive DVDs from Simon Rich and Nicole Beckey. Not only are the duo 10 times UK Modern Jive Champions, but they're engaged to be married in summer 2011, so they're perfectly poised to help you avoid a misstep when you take to the floor. The two DVDs - beginner to intermediate and intermediate to advanced - include mini routines which allow you to add extra moves and steps at your own pace. Worried you have two left feet? Fret not. 'You don't need to be a natural dancer, because leading your partner well is all about good technique,' assures Nicole. The DVDs are £19.99 each; available from