It's been almost five months since I first had my hair extensions done and boy oh boy do I LOVE them! They have given me an entirely new lease of life and in the same way a new wardrobe fills you with excitement and confidence, so do my long luscious locks. Better still I've never had so many compliments in my life - from both sexes! If you are thinking of having them done for your wedding I highly reccomend them as they will not only enhance your look but are also very much to be enjoyed on honeymoon and there-after. As a married woman you want to re-enter the world with a fresh and new lease of life. Well, here's your ticket! Having initially got them done for fun I didn't realise that they would become pretty much a part of me and my 'look'. I am not going to lie to you they do require maintanence but only in the same way any type of long hair, natural or not, does. You have to brush it fairly often - thoroughly twice a day, and a quick brush once or twice in-between. Washing is the same as normal and in some ways better as I don't have to wash the whole of my head - only twice. Instead I wash the crown of my head (which can be done over a sink and dried in 3 minutes flat!) every day/second day and this gives it a clean look. Further more with woven hair you can swim and do all those sorts of things on honeymoon that with glued extentions you can't. What's made this little journey of joy a pretty easy ride is the way they are applied. I have three rows of fresh real hair woven into my real hair which takes less than one hour and costs from £180 by the 'Weave Got Style' team who do an immaculate job. It lasts 6-8 weeks each time. By that time you are ready to have brand new fresh clean hair applied! Which is another thing, it looks so fabulous as its real hair. At first the idea of someone elses hair concerned me a bit but you get over this pretty quickly. After the first wash its yours anyway and besides the hair is treated, perfectly clean and I can almost bet you is 10 times better quality than your own. I can never get over the way I walk in with my old hair and come out with a fabulous hair of brand new perfect hair - magic! I have already told soooo many girlfriends to get it done for their wedding - you will look incredible and have a fabulous head of hair which I promise you no one will know unless you tell them. All these girls, like me, are now addicts. Its a fantastically affordable not to mention manageable way to have extentions and I can only promise that the enjoyment you get from it will be endless!! Opening in Manchester!!