8 Wedding Hair Questions with Bridget O'Keeffe of Blush + Blow

30 Apr 2018

Bridget O'Keeffe has many feathers in her hat: makeup artist, beauty blogger, entrepreneur and founder of Fulham salon Blush + Blow. Going by the mantra 'Blow-dries are a girl's best friend' with thought Bridget was the perfect person to quiz about wedding hair.

Tell us about Blush + Blow and how it was founded

Blush + Blow was founded out of a love for blow dries and beauty and a massive gap in the market!

Talk to us about haircare ahead of the big day…

Make sure you are trimming your hair (ever so slightly!) every 6 weeks in the build up to the big day. This will give your hair thickness and shine as a result of being nourished and healthy. Get a treatment once a month and treat your hair to a lovely mask every 2 weeks.

When should a bride come in for a haircut before the wedding?

The last cut should be done about 2 weeks before the big day. This allows the style to 'settle' nicely.

What's the post popular treatment at Blush + Blow?

Our blow-dry and mani that takes place at the same time. Super convenient for the time poor bride-to-be.

Your dream celebrity /'it girl' to style for their wedding would be…

Meghan Markle… do you even need to ask?! Her luscious hair and lovely freckled fresh face would be my dream to get my hands on!

How do you see Meghan Markle's hair and make-up being styled on the big day?

I genuinely answered the above question before I saw this one! I would love to see her with a sheer foundation with lots of lovely liquid highlighter, something like Charlotte Tilbury 'Glow Time'. A peachy, warm look allowing her natural skin to shine through and her eyes to be simple, big and bright would suit her beautifully. Her youthful fresh face would be completed using something like "Sydney' by Jane Iredale on her lips.

What's your favourite part of your job?

Helping woman to feel sassy.

And what's next for Blush + Blow….

I have so many ideas I wish I could do everything all at once but I am working on 3 very exciting projects. One is going to be announced shortly and the other two will probably launched next year. It's safe to say though, that we are not slowing down anytime soon!