I recently read that 6.8 million homes are underinsured and it got me thinking about wedding insurance. OK, so no one wants to think about wedding doom and gloom (family illness, bad weather or, God forbid, a break up), but it could pay to put your emotions to one side for a moment - especially if you're forking out a lot for your day. But what does it cover? According to recent research by Defaqto (www.defaqto.com), which compares and rate financial products, 35% of wedding insurance policies cover £10,000 or less for cancellation (no good if you're going for a six-figure blow-out), while 12% of policies offer unlimited cover for rearrangement costs. Defaqto has created a 'Star Ratings' system, which takes into account price, benefits and product features - such as cancellation cover, redundancy cover, level of cover for specific items like rings and flowers, failure of suppliers and marquee cover. It's totally independent and should make choosing a suitable policy easier. Remember: don't be lured by the cheapest deal; compare the features of different policies to get the one that's right for you. Visit www.defaqto.com/star-ratings/wedding-insurance to view policies according to their Star Rating.