Once again, the amazing make-up artist Chase Aston has put together his brilliant step-by-step guide to recreating the fresh and natural make-up look from the new Brides November/December issue's cover (pictured). All the products used are by The Body Shop - which just goes to show you can look a million dollars without the matching price tag: 'First prep you complexion,' says Chase. 'Cleanse, tone and moisturise using The Body Shop new Nutriganics Organic Skin Care range. Then before you apply your foundation, smooth over Skin Primer-Matte It! All over the face and neck. This will ensure that your make-up glides on and looks fresh throughout the day, whilst keeping unwanted shine at bay. 1. Using a Foundation Brush and Oil-Free Foundation, start from the centre of the face and blend the foundation outwards and down, along the jaw-line and onto the neck. Use Lightening Touch Concealer 01, under eyes and on lids to banish dark circles and blemishes. Finally, using a large Face & Body brush, lightly dust Pressed Powder all over to set. 2. Apply Eye-Colour 41-Golden Peach to the entire lids up to and along the brow bone, past the outer corners and under the lower lashes. Blend Eye-Colour 05-Burnished brown along the top lash-line, into the crease of the eye and onto the outer quarter corners of the top and bottom eye-lids. 3. Take the Kajal Eye-Liner in 01- Charcoal, and starting from the inner corner of the top eyelid, draw a fine line along the top lash-line as close to the lashes as possible, to just past the outer corners of lashes. 4. Using the Brow & Liner Kit 02, shape, shade and define brows with short feathery strokes, then comb through Brow & Lash gel in Clear to set. 5. Curl the lashes then use Divide & Multiply Mascara in 01- Black. Allow the first coat to dry before re-applying. Top Tip: apply mascara to the lower lashes first and allow to dry, this will ensure wet mascara does not transfer to the top eye-lids, and avoid any messy mascara mistakes. 6. Using the Autumn Leaves Cheek Colour Compact in 02-Berry, swirl a blusher brush across the palette, tap off any excess powder, now softly smile and blend onto the apple of the cheeks and up and along cheekbones for a shimmering rosy golden glow. 7. With Lip Liner in 03-Clover Pink, line, define and smooth allover a clean bare lip for a long-lasting lipstain. Take a Lip Brush and apply Colour Glide Lip Colour in 48-Soft peony, all over the lips. Finally, smooth Love Gloss 01-Natural onto the centre of the lips, pucker down, and allow the gloss to travel naturally over the surface of the lips. Discover the Smoke & Fire range at www.thebodyshop.co.uk