Oooh I do love a gadget, especially a beauty gadget so you can imagine my geeky delight when I was introduced to Luminess, the at-home foundation airbrush gun. Airbrush make-up has been around for a while, but only for professionals so this is very exciting news for beauty fanatics. Their team came to visit the Brides office recently and we were seriously impressed: it's one of the most flawless but natural-looking foundations I've ever come across. Instead of the usual one-colour tube, Luminess foundation comes in a graffiti-style spray gun with a variety of shades so you can tweak the colour to match your skintone. It is officially America's number 1 Airbrush make-up and was created due to the invention of High Definition television to blur our imperfections without that caked-on look. And from talking to hundreds of brides in the past and looking at our Chatroom conversations, that's exactly what you want too: clear, fresh-looking skin that doesn't look like it has a scrap of foundation on. So how does it work? Well the gun itself looks like something out of Total Recall but trust me it's pretty easy to use and the results are stunning. Once you've ordered your kit online with the colour family that suits you (fair, medium, tan or dark. Each family comes with 4 shades), simply add a few drops of the foundation into the gun 'barrel'. Having 4 shades means you can adjust the colour, for instance by adding a drop or two of a darker fluid for summer months. Spray a little onto the back of your hand to get to grips with the mist gun, then starting spraying your face where you need coverage in small circular motions. You can go as light or heavy as you wish and I can honestly say the effect is truly amazing. 'Seamless', 'smooth', 'clean', 'natural' and 'invisible' are the words that spread across the office as we all tried the spray gun. What we particularly love is that the kit comes with a blusher, bronzer and highlighting fluid to add into the barrel - ideal for sculpting without a single streak or tidemark. Once you're finished, you simply flush out the mist gun with a few drops of water. And why is the delightful Ms Longoria Parker up here? Well she's actually wearing Luminess in this very photo so you can see firsthand the high-quality finish. It's also used on screen on Desperate Housewives, Lost and Pirates of the Caribbean and all over the red carpet for that invisible High-Def look. The gun costs £159, which I know isn't cheap but you do get four shades of foundation, a blusher, a bronzer, a pearly highlighter plus a moisturising primer. In fact to make it even more tempting, Luminess are offering an exclusive 10 per cent off for you, the reader. All you need to do is click onto the link: (or paste it into your web browser) and 10 per cent will automatically be deducted at the checkout. The future of foundation has arrived so get clicking and check it out for yourself.